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Teeth Whitening-Lincoln Dentist

Teeth Whitening-Lincoln Dentist

Are you thinking about getting your teeth whitening at Lincoln Dentist, Kordel House Dental Practice but still have doubts?

Here, we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding the teeth whitening procedure.

  • What is Teeth Whitening?Teeth Whitening-Lincoln Dentist

Teeth’s whitening is a safe and simple procedure to lighten up your smile. The whitening gel contains material that helps break down any stains attached on your teeth(extrinsic and intrinsic)r, which in return make your teeth look lighter in colour.

  • Is it better to whiten teeth at the dentist or at a Hair Salon or Spa?

Whitening products are very popular due to their reduced costs. It is illegal for hair salons or spa to carry out Teeth Whitening in the UK.

They carry a risk of improper usage by the patients and could damage the tooth’s enamel leading to painful sensitive teeth. On the contrary, getting your teeth whitened under the direct supervision of your dentist would make sure you receive the safest treatment with the fastest reliable results.

  • Is it possible to whiten your teeth in one day?

The short answer is yes, the process of teeth whitening takes about one hour to be completed by your dentist. It is possible to achieve a lighter shade immediately but for the best results would need to undergo the procedure at home over the next 2 weeks.

Post-whitening sensitivity is a common yet temporary issue. Brushing with toothpaste for sensitive teeth and avoiding cold and hot drinks as much as possible will aid in minimizing your teeth sensitivity.

  • Can you whiten your teeth permanently?

Sadly, teeth whitening is not permanent, the lasting effect of teeth whitening differs from one case to another as it can last from12 months up to 3 years. This depends on various factors such as the type of material used, the thickness of your tooth enamel, and your daily habits of smoking and drinking coffee and tea. We do advise 12 monthly top-ups to maintain your pearly whites after Teeth Whitening at your Lincoln Dentist at Kordel House Dental Practice.

  • Can old yellow teeth be whitened?

This depends on what is causing your teeth to become yellow, if it is due to extrinsic stains build up from smoking or consuming certain beverages, then teeth whitening measures will produce excellent results. On the other hand, with ageing, the outer surface of the teeth (enamel) become thinner, reflecting the colour of the underlying layer (dentin) which is yellow, thus normal whitening procedures would not be as effective.

  • How much does it cost to have your teeth professionally whitened?

While this depends highly on the quality of material and types of equipment used, getting your teeth whitening at Lincoln Dentist varies from £250 to £495.

  • Does lemon juice \ salt \ banana peel whiten teeth?

Lemon juice, whilst many claims it can lighten the shade of teeth, lemon juice is highly acidic and can lead to the destruction of your tooth’s enamel.

Salt would act as an abrasive material to mechanically remove the external stains attached to your teeth, although you will need to be extra careful not to be aggressive so as not to damage your teeth.

Banana peel contains high levels of magnesium and potassium that could contribute to your overall oral health, but up until now, there is no sufficient scientific data to back up claims that it can lead to teeth whitening.

If you need any further information on how the Cosmetic Dentists at Kordel House Dental Practice can help to brighten up the colour of your teeth with Teeth Whitening in Lincoln,please call us on 01507211833 or use our contact form to get in touch.