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White Spot Lesions

White Spot Lesions

White spot lesions can be caused by a number of reasons. They can develop due to:

1. Fluorosis (hypo mineralisation of enamel caused by ingestion of excess fluoride during tooth formation)

2.Hypoplasia (enamel deficiency that leads teeth vulnerable to damage)

3.Improper brushing during orthodontic treatment

These white spots are decalcified enamel which could lead to the deterioration of teeth and can sometimes be the first evidence of tooth decay.

White Spot Lesions

For this patient who was self conscious about the white spot lesions on his front teeth , Dr Cherian decided to do use minimally invasive ICON treatment. We first started with Philips Zoom whitening treatment followed by ICON Smooth Surface resin infiltration. This treatment blends in the lesions with the healthy enamel. ICON infiltration uses micro-invasive technology where no drilling or anesthesia is required, prevents lesion progression, helps lose whitish appearance and can be easily treated in one visit.

ICON infiltration is a truly novel technology for arresting dental caries. A simple one visit procedure can arrest the progression of early enamel lesions and remove white spot lesions with no drilling or anesthesia while protecting the healthy tooth structure.

Mechanism of Caries Infiltration: ICON

The early lesions can be infiltrated with an unfilled low viscosity resin(ICON)and it halts further demineralisation and changes the appearance of the lesion. The white spot is masked due to the reduction of light scattering. The refraction index of ICON is similar to the enamel and so the white spot lesion is virtually erased, giving a good cosmetic result.


We are Able to offer this advanced dental treatment at Kordel House Dental Practice in Horncastle.

For more information please contact us at smile@kordelhousedentalpractice.co.uk